How to Turn Your Ideas into E-Books: Ebook publishing

Ebook publishing

Information marketing is a wonderful business model. It can be quite lucrative as a standalone business. You can also incorporate it into an existing business model for more profits and credibility. However, sometimes taking that leap from idea to e-book can be quite a challenge. Here are a few ideas to get your idea turned into an e-book reality.

  1. Get someone else to write it. No, we’re not talking about hiring a ghostwriter, though that’s certainly an option. Some of the best e-books are actually collections of articles written by industry experts.For example, if you have a website devoted to dog training and want to write an e-book about training your dog unusual tricks, you could ask ten animal trainers to each contribute their favorite trick to the book. Each dog trainer would get exposure for their business in the book and you’d get a complete, and quite valuable, e-book to sell. You didn’t have to write a single word!
  2. Break it down. Sometimes the hurdle between book idea and actual product is a feeling of being overwhelmed. There’s an easy way around that challenge. Break your main topic into ten to twenty supporting topics. It may be easier to pose them as questions.For example, an e-book on sales techniques might have the following supporting points or chapters:
    • What are the benefits of better selling?
    • How do listening skills play a role in increased sales?
    • How important is relationship building?
    • Should I network for more sales?
    • Each of these supporting chapters can then be divided even more into ten or more supporting points. Thus, for a ten chapter book you end up with 100 smaller, almost article size, topics to address. It makes writing a book much more manageable.
  3. Turn to audio. Some people just don’t have the time or the inclination to write a book, but still want the results. No problem. You can create an audio file instead. There are actually two ways to approach this. You can interview people on your topic, have the interviews transcribed, edited and polished. Then compile them into an e-book format.

Or you can simply speak your book and then have someone transcribe it and edit and polish it into an e-book. For some, it’s easier to flesh out their ideas if they’re talking. If this is you, consider recording your book instead of putting fingers to keyboard. Additionally, there is software like Dragon Naturally Speaking that will transcribe your audio for you. This saves you the cost of a transcriptionist, though you may still want to hire someone to edit and polish your book.

Finally, though we did mention it in the beginning, if you do have an idea for an e-book but don’t have the time or inclination to turn it into a reality, then consider hiring a ghostwriter. Look for one who is experienced with writing books. Discuss your needs and work together to turn your idea into e-book profits.

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You wanna go viral??? You know you do

Viral MarketingViral marketing is one of the best marketing tools to grow your business. If it’s done correctly, you can go from obscure to what’s on everyone’s lips in just a few days. If you’re new to the term, viral marketing is essentially capturing your market with a tool that’s passed from person to person. YouTube is a perfect example of this as people love to share videos, especially funny or shocking ones. However, other products can be viral as well.

You can capture your market online with these viral marketing tools and tactics:

  • eBooks (I have one coming soon, so watch for it!!)
  • Reports
  • Workshops, seminars or online course
  • Video or audio

In order to make these marketing tools viral you’ll need to make sure they accomplish a few things. Viral means that they’re passed from person to person and the more quickly items are passed, the bigger the market you’re able to capture. So let’s think about what makes someone pass along a bit of information. They’d forward it to a friend if it is:


Humor is a great way to capture a viral market online. People love to laugh and if you can make them laugh and market your business at the same time, you’re golden. Video is the easiest tool to capture an online audience with humor. Try creating a funny advertisement and posting it on YouTube.

Thought provoking and/or controversial.

Controversy can really get people talking. However, you must walk a fine line when going viral with a controversial book, report, video or other product because it can backfire. *I think people want you to be REAL but some people will always find something to complain about…


Regardless of the fact that there’s an abundance of information available online today, people still hold quality content in high value. If you can create an informative product, people will share it with others.

But how do you use a viral product to promote your business?

When using something like a video or audio, you can market your product or service directly in the content. You can also make sure to incorporate your company name and URL into the content.

The same holds true for any print product like an eBook or a report. Simply make sure that you include a link or two back to your website. You can also place an “about the author” type page inside your book and a separate page to promote your products and services. The choice on how you promote yourself is yours; just make sure to let people know where to go for more information.

To capture your online market with viral marketing you’ll also want to make sure your viral content is placed where your audience hangs out. Use social networking, advertising and PPC, article marketing and so on to draw attention to your viral product. Get the word out and then let your viral content do its job.

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How to Think Like a Winner Not a Whiner (Positive thinking in your business)

Part of my goals for 2016 (yes, I am actually doing goals this year, something I have basically never done) is to stop making excuses and ‘JUST DO IT‘ (©nike). One of my main goals this year is to spend more time and energy ON my business instead of IN my business. This has been SAID a GAZILLION times but … like a lot of overused phrases, it has a lot of truth to it. You can’t continue to grow as a business without taking the time to water and feed your business, using a plant analogy.

Positive Thinking in Your Business

nothing lasts forever, think positive and grow that businessThis all goes back to thinking and (again forgive this overused phrase) being present in your biz. Positive thinking is pretty important when it comes to your business and your life. Not saying that the SECRET is real or anything, but the fact is that negative tends to bring more negative and positive tends to send you to Disneyland – er, bring positive stuff to you. Plus, life is short, so don’t spend it in the gloomies.

To get to the point, your mindset has a direct effect on your success. It also strongly influences your enjoyment. When you think like a winner, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Each day can be a fantastic day when you think like a winner. Here’s how:

#1 Create a pattern of success

One of the best ways to think like a winner is to create a pattern of success. This is accomplished by setting goals and consistently achieving them. There are many ways to set goals. To achieve them and create a pattern of success there is a proven method. Create a realistic but motivating goal. Create a series of smaller goals to help you achieve your big goal. Plan how you’re going to achieve each smaller goal.

For example, if your larger goal is to have $100,000 in sales this year, then one of your smaller goals may be to launch a product each quarter. Plan how you’re going to launch your product successfully. Create measurements to determine your success. As you achieve each smaller goal, you’re creating a pattern of success. As you become accustomed to succeeding you’ll naturally begin to feel, act and think like a winner – because you are one.

#2 Positive affirmations

Positive thinking in your businessWe all struggle with limiting beliefs and doubts. However, to think like a winner you need to think positively. Turn your fears, limiting beliefs and doubts into positive affirmations. For example, “I am no good with money” can become “I am in control of my financial future. I am capable of success.” Repeat the affirmation each time doubt creeps into your thoughts. Make a habit of repeating the positive affirmation regularly. Make it part of your inner dialogue. Soon you’ll begin to believe and act like it’s true.

#3 Surround yourself with supporters

Make sure your friends, family and associates are of like minds. It’s wholly unhelpful to give your attention to naysayers. Believe you can accomplish anything and surround yourself with people who feel the same. Positive and enthusiastic people are powerful. Their passion is contagious. When you surround yourself with these people you really can accomplish anything.

Finally, accept that some days are going to be more difficult than others. Instead of fighting these days or time periods, experience them with an open mind. Embrace them as learning moments and persevere. Winners aren’t people who never fail or struggle. Winners are people who persevere.

Set goals, maintain a positive mindset and create a strong support network. You are a winner. Always remember that.

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10 Ways to get Blog Traffic

Blog traffic brings people to your site and blogs are popular ways to create an online presence for personal and business reasons. You can build a blog for free and begin posting content right away. But, what good is that content if no one is reading it. Here are ten ideas to bring in the traffic your blog needs to survive.

Blog trafficOf all the successful blogs on the Internet, hundreds more have failed. Running a blog is like running a business website – and are often ran together with the huge popularity of WordPress. Unless you are willing to put the time in and treat it seriously, you won’t be blogging long.

That is not to say that the failed bloggers weren’t serious about blogging. Mostly, new bloggers aren’t prepared for the work that goes into creating a successful blog. Just building the blog doesn’t mean that you get blog traffic. You pursue the audience and give them a reason to see what you have to say.

Here are the top 10 ways to get blog traffic:

  1. Fresh Content – no one wants to visit a blog day after day and see the same posts. Update your blog content at least twice a week. This will be easier if you write several posts ahead of time and upload them at the appropriate times.
  2. Article Marketing – the niche you’ve chosen for your blog is one that interests you. If it is interesting you will spend more time doing it. Create content not only for your blog but also to be submitted to article directories. Use the resource box to advertise your blog so people can find you.
  3. Social Networking – these sites are everywhere. Join Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter or a dozen others and make connections. You can join groups of likeminded people who are also bloggers or entrepreneurs.
  4. Viral Marketing – this is where you spread the word about your blog. Talk to friends, family and even strangers. Give out business cards that have your blog address on them.
  5. Use RSS Feeds – RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Readers can subscribe to your feed and get email updates when new content is posted. It is an easy way for them to keep up with your blog without spending all day online.
  6. Submit Blog to Search Engines – doing this allows your blog to be ranked. Google and Yahoo! are two of the most popular search engines you want to crawl your blog pages. It doesn’t guarantee top ranking, though. You’ll have to do a little more work for that.
  7. Joining Forums – as a blogger you are a budding entrepreneur. Right now you are marketing yourself to find traffic and then profit. Become a member of business forums, work at home forums and others to meet new people and share ideas. You can add a link to your blog in the signature line so others can find you.
  8. Visit other blogs – show your appreciation to those who visit you by also posting comments on their blogs. It is a kindness that shows others you are not just out to advertise your blog alone. Add links to your blog in your comments.
  9. SEO Marketing – whatever you write, use relevant keywords. Keyword density between three and ten percent is good for getting higher page rankings in search engines. Base your keywords on a research you do to find the most popular words used in search engines for your niche.
  10. Social Bookmarking – submitting posts to social bookmarking sites allows others who are members of those sites to track you back to your blog.

Using any of these ideas will start the traffic moving in your direction. It takes time but you will build the readership you want.

Keep in mind that some of these above methods aren’t as popular as they once were, but they still work. Just remember – the key is to use everything in moderation and keep your presence REAL. Don’t spam boards or social media…

Be yourself and people (blog traffic!) will come.