Business Owner Stress Relief 101

Welcome to Business Owner Stress Relief 101

As a business owner, I experience this same stress every year. It never fails, I decide I need to scrap everything I’ve BEEN doing and start over, implement new and awesome marketing tactics, etc. This is NOT the best use of your time and money.

For the new year, make one business resolution

Create a plan of action for the year. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it has to happen, and here is why:

  1. Without a plan of action, you don’t know where you are going
  2. Without a plan of action, you can’t have measurable goals
  3. Without a plan of action, you have no idea if your efforts are successful

How do business owners create a plan of action? You can do something elaborate, create a complete business plan, spend a lot of money and frame your beautiful new creation. That is an option but a lot of small business owners don’t have the money to spend, at least not yet (you will, in the near future, because really, every small business owner’s goal is to make more money, right? Can I get an AMEN?)

There are a lot of resources online that you can use – free resources. One I particularly like is here>>

Business Owner Stress Relief 101

It’s quick and easy and it hits on the points you need, at least to begin.

Get Your Facts Straight

The most important thing to do, however, free resource or not, is to commit your plan to paper. You have to, otherwise it won’t be accomplished and you will be left at the end of 2015 feeling like you need to start over from scratch.

Want Some Help With Your Plans?

I can help! Just set up a time for a complimentary consultation here:, find me on social media or email me at

Learn more about keeping the stress DOWN and growing your business AND get a F R E E gift, too! We won’t spam you.

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5 things to know before hiring a virtual assistant team

A Virtual Assistant Team – You’re finally ready to admit it – you CAN’T do it all!  It may be that you simply do not have time. Maybe you don’t have the necessary skills to handle all the details.

It’s ok! There are people who can handle that for you!

Hire a Virtual Assistant Team

For many small to medium size businesses, hiring in-house people just isn’t an option. And often it isn’t necessary to have someone available every day. That’s why a VA (Virtual Assistant) Team is such a great thing!

Here’s why: We have the skills and knowledge to take care of everything for you! Even the planning!! Yes, some of us (like me) have been in business for so long, we have evolved into amazing planners and strategists. Need to run something by me, please do!

Ok, now you know you need a team …

What should you look for so that you get the best possible virtual assistant team?

  1. Review their website. I mean REALLY look it over. Are there misspellings? Bad grammar? Are there broken links? These are all RED FLAGS. It may be true that ‘the cobbler’s kids have no shoes’ but… if your VA Team can’t keep up with their website and/or invest the time into it to make it fabulous, walk away now.
  2. Read the sales copy. Pay attention to the message. Is it clear? Or does it feel unorganized? Does the content have a ton of buzz words? Also, check for consistency. You would be surprised. *if you’re interested, here are some interesting buzz words>>
  3. Verify their claims. This is really important. If a VA team claims to have been around for ’14 years’ and doing ‘$XXXY.00 per month in sales’, ask them to prove it.
  4. Ask for References. AND talk to them. You will find out a lot simply by what a reference does NOT say.
  5. Ask to talk to the Project Manager. This is important, because typically, you will not be working with the person you initially spoke with on the phone. In our case, I am the PM and I do my share of the work, as well. The point is, it is important that the person who is in charge of your project KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the technology, because how can someone who doesn’t understand the process … manage the process?