Words From Happy Clients

I asked Debbi to create a header for me for my blog and she did a fabulous job; I’m so pleased with it. I told her some basics of what I was after, particularly in terms of colors, but wasn’t too sure about the style.

She took what I told her and came up with three great designs for me to choose from – one of which was perfect. She turned all this around in less than a week and even uploaded my new header onto my blog for me. I’ll definitely use Debbi again and now have a great referral source for my clients. Thank you Debbi!

Tracey Lawton, Tracey Lawton
I’ve worked with Debbi across three different organizations and each experience is more exceptional than the last. Is it any wonder when I have a client in need of cutting-edge design, great ideas or with a technical emergency, I call Debbi. Plain and simple? She ROCKS!
Ericka Pardun, Ericka Pardun, OBM
Great Results, Expert, Good Value! Debbi’s challenge is to competently coordinate virtual services so that we may endeavor to proactively utilize cost effective benefits.
David Brown, Top SEO Consultants
I have had the pleasure of both working with Debbi on a couple of virtual teams AND having her re-design my website. Debbie is very detailed about her web design work and knows her stuff. She is very open about giving ideas and completing the work based on what the client wants. I have worked with clients that have also worked with Debbi and they have always had good things to say about her work. If someone is needing a new website or needs their existing website re-designed, I would definitely recommend Debbi …
Missy Tinchter, My Miss Assist
Debbi Cunnington created the website for Intermountain Search Dogs (501C3 non-profit) in 2015. Her work is amazing. She is efficient, and has a natural ability to focus on the heartbeat of our organization. Our team is so grateful for her work that offers a professional and current approach for web design.
Robyn Moug, Chair, Intermountain Search Dogs

My Process Works!


Every project starts out with solid communication


Planning starts right away with deadlines in place for each step


I take our plan and run with it


Design mockups are shown to the client and discussed


Final items are approved and implemented!!

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